Custom EPiServer Forms field

EPiServer recently released new add-on - EPiServer Forms. It is a new way how to work with the forms in EPiServer. Forms have different form elements available - Text (input), Text area, Number etc., but it misses basic label, heading and text elements to display static information for form users. Also, quite often there are requirements to provide additional information based on page's context - for example, on the product page, it might be required to post product code and name. This article describes basic steps to create custom EPiServer Forms field.

Getting started with Vim on Windows

I am not a new Vim user, but I have never used it as my main editor. I've learned the basic movement and editing commands, which I am using in Vi modes in different editors - Sublime Text's Vi mode, Visual Studio's extension - VsVim, and others. As now Vim can be used as fully featured C# (by Omnisharp) and F# (by vim-fsharp) environment, I want to use Vim as my main development environment. The first step for that is installing and setting up basic configuration.

Test DB reset with Respawn

When doing testing against DB it is important to reset it to initial state. I am using Entity Framework for SQL DB access and it provides mechanism to recreate DB each time, but it is slow and sometimes fails because of open DB connections. Much easier is to delete everything from tables and Respawn is great too which helps to do it.

Using MassTransit to improve EPiServer data import on Azure

Azure has Service Bus service available, but while it is called 'Service Bus' it is messaging service as MSMQ or RabitMQ. Creating reliable message passing might be hard, but luckly there are several frameworks available. In this article I am going to describe how to use MassTransit's Service Bus framework with Azure Service Bus to improve EPiServer data import.

Creating WPF Metro style applications with MahApps.Metro

WPF gives you a lot of ways to style your Windows applications, but it might be hard to create beautiful application. I found open source project - MahApps.Metro which helps creating stylish WPF applications easily.

Handling child collections in Entity Framework

Configuring Entity Framework through fluent API sometimes is quite hard. In this article I am showing how to configure it to handle entity's child collections that those properly gets added and removed from collection.

EPiServer: strongly typed layout model without IPageViewModel

EPiServer provides Alloy sample which uses IPageViewModel<T> interface to provide strongly typed model for layout, but this approach has several issues. In this article I am going to show alternative way for strongly typed layout models.

F# Xaml - event driven MVVM

I have tried two different approaches to create Xaml application - MVC and MVVM, but did not feel that those are functional enough. In this article I am looking at event driven MVVM using FSharp.ViewModule's EventViewModelBase<'a>.

EPiServer: working with Scheduled Jobs programmatically

EPiServer provides Scheduled Jobs to run background tasks on schedule. By default those have simple scheduling available, but sometimes you might need more advanced scheduling techniques. EPiServer provides API for that.

F# Xaml application - MVVM vs MVC

Most popular approach for creating Xaml applications is MVVM - Model View ViewModel. But there is an alternative - MVC (Model View Controller). So what are advantages of using one or another in your F# projects?

Azure infrastructure usage for EPiServer data import

I was working in EPiServer Commerce project on product import and thought that it would be great to use Azure infrastructure to make import process more reliable and consume less resources of Web server. In this article I am describing sample project using Azure Service Bus Queues and Worker Roles for this task.

EPiServer CMS site as Azure Web App

Lately Azure become really popular hosting you web applications and websites. EPiServer also has made their CMS able to run on Azure. In this article I am describing my experience to setup EPiServer CMS on Azure.