Episerver: starting a Scheduled Job programmatically

In January I wrote an article about new APIs Episerver has created for working with Scheduled Jobs. Unfortunately, the feature starting the job doesn't work reliably. At least it doesn't work when you start a job from another job.

While Episerver's async methods for starting a scheduled job do not work well, there is a workaround. You can schedule the job to run later. Then the scheduler will pick up the job and start it.

Here I have created an extension method to schedule the job to run after ten seconds.

public static class ScheduledJobExtensions
    public static void ScheduleRunNow(
      this ScheduledJob job, IScheduledJobRepository scheduledJobRepository)
        job.IntervalType = ScheduledIntervalType.None;
        job.IntervalLength = 0;
        job.IsEnabled = true;
        job.NextExecution = DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(10);


You can use this extension method like this:

var job = _scheduledJobRepository.Get(new Guid(MyJob.Guid));