Finding content type conflict reasons with Episerver Developer tools

A few months ago I wrote an article about how to find content type conflict reasons. Now the described functionality is implemented in Episerver Developer tools.

After writing the previous article about this topic, I have created a pull request to Episerver Developer Tools with the changes required to solve this issue. I have made some changes though. I have added support for ACL conflicts. Now when using Episerver Developer Tools, you will be able to see those too.

You can see content type conflicts in the Developer tools under Content Type Analyzer section. There is a separate column - Conflicts where you will find conflict details.

Here is an example of how those will be displayed.

Content type conflicts

Field order here is a conflicted property name. Then you will see the value defined in the code and a database.

Below is a list of conflicts it displays.

For content types:

  • Model type
  • Name
  • Description
  • Display name
  • Sort order
  • GUID
  • Availability
  • ACL

For property types:

  • Tab name
  • Name
  • Description (help text)
  • Display name (edit caption)
  • Culture specific (language specific)
  • Required
  • Searchable
  • Available in edit mode (display edit UI)
  • Field order