EpiEvents library support for approval events

Last year I created a library EpiEvents for pub/sub like Episerver event handling. It supported all content related events, but after my package release, Episerver has released content approvals. The content approvals feature also raises events. Now I have added support also for those.

The new version supports Episerver 11.1+. You can install the new version from the Episerver NuGet Feed:

Install-Package EpiEvents.Core

The current version of the package has added support for these events:

  • ApprovalStepStarted - an equivalent of IApprovalEngineEvents.StepStarted event
  • ApprovalStepApproved - an equivalent of IApprovalEngineEvents.StepApproved event
  • ApprovalStepRejected - an equivalent of IApprovalEngineEvents.StepRejected event
  • ApprovalStarted - an equivalent of IApprovalEngineEvents.Started event
  • ApprovalAborted - an equivalent of IApprovalEngineEvents.Aborted event
  • ApprovalApproved - an equivalent of IApprovalEngineEvents.Approved event
  • ApprovalRejected - an equivalent of IApprovalEngineEvents.Rejected event

For more information, check the documentation and source code on GitHub.